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Jan 01

Providing Intelligent Automation Along with Artificial Intelligence to the Gig Population

Most businesses know that Intelligent Automation will generate value. Yet many aren’t sure how to adopt software automation and how to measure if they are getting the proper return on their investment. This is where the real challenge appears. Every company has different needs and a different culture. Yet Intelligent Automation typically results in cost savings of 40 percent to 75 percent, with the payback ranging from several months to several years. The solution is to understand the different types of software automation and to develop a strategy that best fits the needs of your community of interest or marketplace.

One solution to getting value and proper return on investment

Cognitive automation combined with artificial intelligence, where the software is so advanced that it can mimic human functions such as reasoning. Cognitive labor is a challenge and difficult to integrate into a marketplace, and it will likely take the most time for a return on investment. However the end results can provide the biggest payback, with profound insights and continuous improvement as the software learns new ways of achieving value.

AI and Future of Work: Intelligent Automation: Opportunities and Challenges from MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy on YouTube.

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