Health care that you need at rates you can afford: medical, dental, and vision. We have the best discounts on local services near you. Protect your family while saving your hard-earned money. Also, we are the only provider that rewards your loyalty with our patented "Cash Back" shopping platform.

Why choose Capital Benefit plan?

Immediate Usage

When you use the card, you receive a discounted price for medical, dental, or vision services, all savings are at the point of service. Begin saving as soon as you receive your card. You receive the discounted price the first time you use your card.  

Unlimited Usage

There are no health restrictions - there is no paperwork to fill out. You simply show your Capital Benefit Membership Card at the time of your scheduled appointment and the savings belong to you. You may use your card as many times as needed.

Customer Care

Each of these Providers has been contracted to offer their products and services on the basis of a specially negotiated discount off their usual and customary charges. Your membership in any of the Capital Benefit provides benefits to you throughout the United States - anywhere, anytime.

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Capital Benefit members get on-demand information and support from BEN, the Artificial Intelligence enabled Benefit Expert Navigator (BEN), without skipping a beat


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Medical Savings Solutions to protect your family while saving your hard-earned money.

Capital Benefit mobile app provides on-the-go access to benefits with a variety of health and lifestyle options including telemedicine and health advocacy.

How It Works?


Select a Discount Plan

Select a plan that best suits your needs and budget.  

Download Member Card

After purchase, you can login and download your Member Card(s).

Select a Provider

Call member services or view a list of participating providers.

Enjoy the Savings

Visit the provider and pay the reduced rate. That's It!


I already have a healthcare plan, however

I Want to Save Money

We understand! As group health insurance costs continue to rise, one strategy is to provide is a formal wellness program. In fact, a recent Wells Fargo Insurance survey found 51 percent of employers are looking to add or increase wellness initiatives to improve the health of their workforce.

Today, Intelligent Personal Benefits offers a rich selection of non-insured benefit solutions through our Administrator.

Additional Premium Benefit Plans

Medical Discounts

ValuePoint by MultiPlan® has taken the best of an insurance-based PPO network and tailored it for non-insurance programs. Our members can save 10% to 40% on most medical services at over 500,000 participating physicians, ancillary facilities, and hospitals. 

Alternative Medicine

Over 37% of adults have used some form of alternative medicine. Save 10% to 30% on health and wellness needs with specialties and practitioners nationwide. Whether you need to reduce stress, relieve migraines or quit smoking, alternative medicine may can help.


Our eyes are the windows to our health. Now members and their family can see better savings at over 20,000 vision providers nationwide including chains and local retailers. As our members you can save 10% to 60% on glasses, contacts, laser surgery, exams and even designer eyewear.


We help our members smile brighter with big savings on services available at dental practice locations nationwide. Our members can use their card over and over again to save throughout the year.

Hearing Aids

Currently, one in nine Americans suffer from hearing loss. Let Amplifon help you find the right hearing aid solution to fit their lifestyle through personalized service and exceptional products for every budget.

Lab Testing

We help our members monitor their health with 10% to 80% off typical costs of routine lab work. You can choose from over 1,500 participating locations nationwide and order online or by phone.

There's much more included in the Premier Benefit Plans, take a look.

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All Plans Include a Free membership into our patented "Cash Back" shopping program

Research & Deployed

We have designed and developed custom solutions earning customers more miles, points, cash-back and bill credits while providing new action based communication channels and additional revenue streams across various industries.

Design & Secure

Leveraging the latest technologies and more than 15 years experience in the affiliate marketing space we have built simple, secure and easy to implement solutions that support loyalty programs around the world

Browse & Shop

We offer a cash back shopping program where you can earn hundreds of dollars on purchases you’re already making. Quickly and easily browse over 300 million products from over 5,000 retailers.

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Cash Back

Rewards your loyalty

We have the best discounts on local services near you.
Protect your family while saving your
hard-earned money.

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